Hello, my name is Dmitry Elizarov and 60% of what you see here is shot in my bedroom on a cropped-sensor Nikon with the help of the simplest strobes.

To put it more official, I'm a full-time photographer, born and living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and often visiting Scandinavia. After number of rather successful years in web- and graphic design I've decided to switch things around and soon found my passion in photography, video production, retouch, color grading and teaching everything above.

I prefer to shoot people, specialize in headshots, classic and fashion portraits, underwear and artistic nudes. I'm also happy to shoot wedding stories, real estate interiors, food and clothes, when assigned. I host workshops both about photography and retouch. If you're interested in publishing my work and/or working with me personally, I'm available via e-mail.

My style & vision

Aesthetics is key! I sure love beautiful shapes and I respect general female attractiveness but I never downgrade my subjects to basic female material for general audience. On the contrary, I try my best to bring up something uniquely amusing and clever about the women I shoot, be those shy first-timers or experienced talents. I like when people say they can feel respect and care I threat models and clients with. The picture has to be classy and smart, and it must reflect my admiration to an extend, but the goal is to get you sincerely interested in this person shown. I don't need to exaggerate since I have no problem to see deep and I love to share what I see. I have faith in viewer's ability to really enjoy this neat simplicity and human warmth instead of peculiar vision or pretentious fanciness.

Lighting and post-processing

I've got plenty of experience with different studio light, but generally prefer the more natural look, so basic off-camera strobes would often be used to imitate sunlight behind a window curtain. My love for details in editing makes for consistent quality. I generally prefer clean image with well-balanced composition, full range of contrast, bright highlights, natural skin tones and distinct colours to complement it, which is often referred as editorial look. My retouch work is, ideally, at the point where it creates the perfect look, and yet, still remains invisible. I rarely shoot for black and white, but when I do, I make sure all the lines are as pronounced as they should be without going overboard.

Learning from me

I have a YouTube and Twitch channels for posting videos and hosting livestreams (both in Russian and English) and my personal payed Skype lessons are available for everyone who's interested in my approach to photography and specific post-production techniques. We can retouch a photo together on my screen and talk about how to set light or how to direct a model. Contact me for charges and possible topics anytime. I'm happy to help.

Yours truly, Dmitry.